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A collection of essays, letters and notes written on scraps of paper inside a jail cell

Jeannette Tossounian

If you find the jail conditions covered in the news appalling, wait until you read this collection. Crooked Corrections follows Jeannette Tossounian while incarcerated for two years in the notorious Vanier Centre for Women, a Detention Centre in Milton, Ontario. Crooked Corrections details Tossounian’s struggle for a fair court system to hear her plea of innocence for a crime she was wrongfully convicted of. Meanwhile, Crooked Corrections describes in detail opinions and observations complete with documentary evidence that the jail does everything it can to make her many inmates lives a living nightmare, condemning them to the tiny cells and repeatedly denying basic human rights. This Collection encapsulated in rich media presentation brings you into the cell with Tossounian and into her artistic and activist head space. By the end of Crooked Corrections, you will realize that no one is immune to being incarcerated. It could easily happen to you.

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