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ISBN - 978-1717110916 

Paperback, 6"x9", 298 pages

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Ankle Bone Books is excited to bring Bruce Clark’s Ongoing Genocide caused by Judicial Suppression of the "Existing" Aboriginal Rights to our online customers and avid readers. If you are concerned with human decency, historical injustices and you enjoy getting into the mind of people that have a passion for fighting for what they believe in then this title is one you do not want to miss. You don't want to miss reading the pages of Ongoing Genocide, the content of the pages are so polarizing and the truth so damaging that the RCMP and members of the judiciary have been seeing red for years. Sergeant Dennis Ryan of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police representing the Gustafsen Lake Crisis Management Team in September 1995 stated: "Kill this Clark, smear the prick and everyone with him." Ongoing Genocide puts forth truth to solve an unsolvable problem: how to rescue the truth from the feelings of “fairness” for their own race of people. The solution to that problem is independent and impartial third-party adjudication, which is missing from native and newcomer litigation. Ongoing Genocide author Dr. CLARK has spent forty-six years defending the rights of Natives across North America. He and his wife Margaret raised their three children living among various Northern Canadian indigenous peoples over a twelve year period where Clark developed an awareness of the "serious bodily" and "mental harm" inflicted on indigenous communities contrary to the United Nations’ Genocide Convention. His family was witnesses to the loss of lives attributable to the stress to which the young people in particular were vulnerable.
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